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Remember that you have a complete guide at your disposal with video tutorials for your first steps with Handy Gym: Getting started guide.

It is essential that you understand the basic operation of this new inertial system to be able to work with it, the type of accessories and what each one is for, and the different ways of attaching them, the cord adjustments according to the routine and how to reset the machine.

Don’t worry; although in practice it is elementary, a small learning phase is necessary. It is an unconventional device, and it is important to understand how it works. The first steps are key, you should start with a very simple routine and test the basics at the beginning.

Important: The Handy Gym system needs a small initial warm-up run-in to smooth it out. Perform several 5-to-10-minute sessions at a moderate intensity so that the gears are properly greased and working at 100%.

A video tutorial is available to show you how to make the first settings and how to get the correct Handy Gym rebound.

Step 1: The entire cord must be outside the machine to find the final point from which the rebound occurs..

Paso 2: Place your Handy Gym on the anchor point of your choice. Use the accessories you need to achieve a secure grip and perform the routine. The first few times it is recommended that you start with simple exercises that do not involve too many accessories or very advanced movements.

Step 3: Using the adjuster, set the length of the cord required for the exercise. Keep in mind that the point where the cord ends, is where the machine will make the return movement from. This step is very important; a good adjustment of the distance will allow you to perform a more precise movement.

Step 4: Load a length of the cord by spinning the discs with your finger. You will use this section to make the first thrust.

Step 5: Make the first movement by reaching the end of the cord with enough force for the machine to rebound. Make sure that the cord is properly adjusted; if it is too long, you will not be able to successfully reach the end of the rope.

When you reach the return point and the system starts to retract the cord, you should not stop it, but go with it and then start to pull again, trying to keep the cord taut at all times. Apply power when you pull and let it pull as it picks up the rope, but do not try to stop it completely.

Important: The eccentric phase of Handy Gym is gentle and progressive; it does not return 100% of the energy generated. The more force you apply the more energy you will get back, but it is a phase change without jerks, so do not expect all the energy back. This helps to reduce the risk of injury.

If you have read the manual and watched the tutorials but still you keep struggling with the machine, we offer you a personalized online introductory class with one of our specialists to help you clear up any doubts you may have. Contact us


*If your Handy Gym equipment suffers any kind of breakdown, you should contact your dealer directly and request technical assistance. If you have purchased Handy Gym through a distributor, the seller will be in charge of giving you the necessary support.

Handy Gym ropes have been designed to withstand heavy loads during exercise routines. Due to continuous work, they are subject to friction and may eventually break.

The rope is a consumable material, and we recommend greasing it once a month with lithium grease (special grease for plastics) to increase its durability and reduce friction with the nozzle. If the Handy Gym is used daily, we recommend greasing it once a week.

Important! Remember that the maximum resistance allowed for the use of Handy Gym is 100kg. Exceeding these loads may cause premature breakage of the rope and damage the system itself. Read the User’s Manual carefully to ensure the correct use of the device.

1. If the rope on your Handy Gym has broken or you think it is at risk of breaking due to wear and tear, you should replace it as soon as possible. Order it in our store: Spare Rope.
Use of any other rope than the one authorized by Handy Gym is strictly prohibited.

Follow the instructions in this tutorial to perform this operation: Rope Change Tutorial

2. If you have previously replaced the cord and your second cord has broken or is at risk of breaking due to wear and tear, you should contact Technical Support directly to have them evaluate the situation with your device.

In the event that your Handy Gym is damaged or suffers a manufacturing defect, we must inspect the product and check its condition in order to proceed with the exchange or repair. In order for the incident to be considered as a possible product defect, it must fall within the period established in the warranty.

If you have made your purchase through one of our authorized distributors, you should first contact your retailer or point of sale directly to report the incident to our after-sales service.

If your purchase has been made on this online store, you must contact Technical Support directly. Fill in the following support form including photos of what happened and describing the situation in which the breakdown occurred. Our technical department will give you the necessary assistance.

Our goal is to respond to any support request within 7 business days of your inquiry. The estimated time to process each case will depend on the type of failure.

If a repair is necessary, the process will be carried out within a maximum of 21 days from receipt of the product at the Technical Service. In an exceptional case where the repair time may exceed 21 days, a notice will be sent to the customer.