109 €

The Extendible Cable Bar is the ultimate accessory for your Handy Gym equipment. Execute specific movement sequences in sports with accessories, like golf, rowing, baseball, hockey, tennis, and more... or bar exercises like deadlifts, squats, etc.

We've designed this rotating straight bar to honor the mobility of the Handy Gym and ensure maximum comfort and versatility. The result is a solid but lightweight bar of 1.5kg that splits into 3 pieces to perform two-handed exercises and effortlessly handles the Handy Gym's maximum load of 100kgf.

This multi-sports attachment adapts to your workout assembling pieces. An ultra-versatile solution to keep you on the go, it expands the variety of exercises you can do with the HandyGym and get better traction by training strength with both arms.



· Easy assembling parts to change the configuration.

· 3 rotating anchor points.

· Foam grip to improve traction.

· Transport sack included.

Product information


· Weight: 1,5kg / 52,9oz.

· Dimenssion: extended L920 x 36mm – disassembled L320mm. Diameter (36.2” x 1.4”).

· Materials: Steel, foam and nylon.