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How it works


Handy Gym PRO incorporates an Encoder to connect to the Handy Gym App and get real-time training data. The Handy Gym App is available for Android and iOS devices. Download it on Play Store or Apple Store.

To connect your Handy Gym to the App you must charge it to the electrical network, and then connect it directly from the App. No previous link is required. Please go through the following steps one by one or follow the instructions in this tutorial: Connecting to App

1. Charge the Handy Gym unit using a Type C USB cable (included in pack PRO).

Problems? Handy Gym will only charge if the blue light comes on. If this does not happen, the problem is usually in the charger, not in the cable. Handy Gym needs at least 5v for charging. Try connecting the USB cable to other power sources.

Nothing? Make sure the cable is properly plugged into the Handy Gym by pushing it all the way in; it may not be connected properly.

2. Activate the Bluetooth option on your mobile device.

Important! Just activate it, but do not link it manually from the Bluetooth options. If you have done so, you must delete it and restart your phone. Handy Gym only links from the app itself. The machine also has a reset button. Go to page 40 of the User Manual to read about its electronics and continue.

3. It enables location options within the application. The program uses this system to locate your Handy Gym. You must give it access rights.

4. Log in to the application.

5. Select an exercise and start training.

Your Handy Gym linking option should appear on the screen. Select it and then you can configure the routine screen. As soon as you click the “Start” button, it is ready to record your activity.

You must register as a user to access the Handy Gym App. Use a valid email address; you will receive an email that you must verify to finalize the registration.

Important – your password must not include the following characters: #$%&/()

If you have followed the steps and you cannot log in to the App, you should contact Technical Support directly. Fill in the following support form describing at which step of the process you encounter problems. Our technical department will provide you with the necessary assistance.