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Handy Gym is a portable device that uses inertial technology to generate different levels of resistance, so you can perform very effective concentric and eccentric muscle work on the whole body without using weights or elastic bands.

This type of training brings many benefits and is used very efficiently in muscle improvement, injury prevention and fitness training. Its reduced weight and size lets you carry it with you to work in any situation, and with the accessories, you can perform a wide variety of routines.

It uses 3 varieties of inertial disks (Red, Yellow and Blue) that offer different resistances when placed on the machine, reaching up to 50kg (2 red discs). The Pulley accessory allows you to double the set resistance, so that you can reach up to 100kg of resistance (2 red discs + Pulley).

Handy Gym works with inertial discs that generate different resistances. There are 3 types:
2 Yellow discs = 0 to 18kg / 2 Blue discs = 0 to 34kg / 2 Red discs = 0 to 50kg.

They can be combined with each other to obtain more weight variations, and if you have the pulley, you can double the power of these, reaching up to 100kg of resistance.

You must always use 2 discs (of any color) on the machine to work with Handy Gym.

The Encoder is the electronic part that is inside the device and allows a connection with the Handy Gym App. From the App, you can get real-time data on your activity and statistics for each workout.

Just the PRO pack includes the Encoder. Not sold separately.

When Handy Gym connects to the App, it allows you to obtain real-time data of your training, generating statistics with which you can measure your performance throughout your sessions. The main data you receive are RPM, Strength, Power and Calories.

Yes, you can download the Handy Gym app for free from the Play Store or the Apple Store to consult all the usage information, have access to tutorials, as well as more than 200 exercises to work all muscle groups.

Handy Gym’s return force is smoother. The eccentric is progressive and produces a phase change free of hard strikes. A very safe way of training that reduces the risk of injury in users not used to inertial equipment.

The gear system acts as a light brake and returns less eccentric energy than generated in concentric.

No. It is a complex system that incorporates a conical pulley, which helps in the gradual increase of power. In this way the resistance is never the same, it is dynamic depending on the force and speed that you apply. You can generate from 0 to the max force that you are capable of, even above the resistance of the discs.

The rope measures approximately 2,5 m, which allows you to adjust the range of motion to work at different distances. It is recommended not to store all the rope in the reel during the activity, collecting up to 1,8m of rope inside.

No, it is a system designed for individual training. If it’s gonna be used by several people consecutively, it is necessary to respect the rest periods stipulated in the user’s manual. Continued overexertion of the mechanism may cause damage to the system due to fatigue. Carefully review the correct use in the instructions.

Handy Gym is an advanced device that has been designed for professional use and is able to adapt to any circumstances. It is mandatory to carefully follow its instructions for use in order to use it correctly and safely.

A Getting Starter Guide with tips and tutorials for your first steps and basic advice is available.

If you have read the manual and watched the tutorials but still have problems getting started, we offer you the option of arranging a personalized online introductory class with someone from our team who will help you through the process. Book your class here.

If you have doubts and need technical assistance with your Handy Gym, you can write us through the contact options.

Inertial technology consists of storing the kinetic energy generated in the concentric phase, to be returned in the eccentric phase. In this way, the eccentric resistance that the user will experience depends on the concentric force that they exert on the machine. By slightly slowing down this inertia, the eccentric work of the movement is reinforced.

It has been proven that muscular work in this phase of the exercise results in greater efficiency in the movements, building a higher quality muscle fiber in a period of time. Its applications are enormous and experts in the world of sports and physical therapy value it highly for preventing injuries, muscle retraining, and improving muscle performance.

A new way of training that is becoming popular in both sports and medical circles and offers many health benefits.

The Handy Gym system does not require maintenance if it is used in the correct way, avoiding impact or improper use.

It is only necessary to check that the condition of its accessories is adequate; regular use may wear out some of the components. If so, they must be replaced to ensure the safety of the user and the correct operation of the machine.

The cord is a consumable material, and it is recommended that you grease it once a month with lithium grease (special grease for plastics) to increase its durability and reduce friction in the nozzle. If the Handy Gym is used daily, it is recommended that you grease it once a week. You can check the Handy Gym warranty and its components here: Handy Gym Warranty

Handy Gym’s gear system manages to multiply the force generated in a very small space. The friction of the gears rotating at high speed generates a sound that can vary depending on the intensity and speed applied, producing between 40 dB and 75 dB.


Handy Gym can be purchased directly from our International Online Store or through authorized distributors.

Contact us to solve any doubt and recommend you the best way to get your training equipment in your country.

Yes, you can use the SPLITIT tool as a payment method on our website to split your payment into several installments. You enter your payment information through SPLITIT and it indicates the number of available installments. Pay more comfortably to enjoy your Handy Gym immediately.

It will be available as a payment option at the checkout.

Important: SPLITIT does not accept American Express.

There are different packs designed to help you achieve your goals. The base device is the same in all the packs; the difference is in all the components and accessories that go with it. These accessories expand the options and working combinations to make it more versatile and powerful.

  • GO Pack: Perfect for getting started with Handy Gym training.
  • ELITE Pack: Advanced training.
  • PRO pack: Proffesional option with all the accessories.

Only the PRO pack includes a connection with Encoder.

Yes, from our Store we ship worldwide, except to those countries where we already have agreements with an exclusive distributor:

Spain + Portugal + Andorra
Netherlans + Belgium + Luxembourg

If you belong to any of these countries, you must purchase your HandyGym equipment directly from their stores. Follow the links.

If you want to sell HandyGym products in your country, you can contact us and request more information from our sales department through this form: Become Partner

No. The Encoder is not sold separately. Only the Handy Gym PRO includes an encoder to connect to the App and get data from your activity. The rest of the packs do not include it.

Tips and guides

You have at your disposal a Handy Gym Starter Guide where you can download the User Manual and review video tutorials for your first steps. Knowing how to use this device correctly is essential for you to get the most out of it. Here are some useful tips about Handy Gym.

Always make sure that the discs are tight. Use the wrench on the rope regulator or the knob to check it before any exercise. It is very important for your safety.

IMPORTANT: If during an exercise the safety spacer crushes against the machine, the distance is wrong and you need more rope.

Remember, this part is not a spring or a brake, but a reference mark for you to keep a minimum distance from the machine. Crushing it on the recoil movement is an incorrect use as you are hitting the machine with every movement and causing damage inside the system.

It is preferable not to wind all the rope on the reel; leave 30% outside so that it does not cause problems with the anchor buttons.

One of the keys to performing at the maximum effort with Handy Gym is to keep the cord taut in each movement, both concentric and eccentric phases. That way you get a better rebound and you make sure to make the most of the inertia it generates at all times.

With this method, muscle fatigue is reached very quickly and you get the most of each repetition.

The rope is an element that suffers a lot of friction at all times, and although it has been designed with high-strength materials to withstand heavy loads, greasing it periodically increases its durability a lot. Grease once a month with lithium grease (special grease for plastics).

The colored inertial discs have different resistances. Try combining them to obtain varying degrees of tension and adjust the load according to the exercise.

Setting the right distance for each routine will ensure better execution and proper rebound. If you didn’t get it right the first time, use the rope regulator to shorten or extend to get the perfect distance to execute your exercise.

The right range of motion will make a huge difference.