1. Definitions

1. Product: object of the sale between seller and buyer.

2. Manufacturer: Handy Gym (Global Traktus S.L.) Address: Calle Oporto 19, 36201 Vigo – Pontevedra (Spain).

3. Seller: Person or company that sold the product.

4. Customer / Buyer: Person or company that bought the product.

5. Warranty: agreement between the seller and the customer, to regulate the cases of malfunction or damaged product.

6. Malfunction: defective product or part thereof, through no fault of the customer and is not a consequence of the customer’s actions.

7. Performance: result that the product is supposed to give, in terms of mechanical functioning of the product and its parts, accessories and components.

8. Damage: defect in the product, hidden or manifest at the time of delivery, which causes it not to match the seller’s product description, not determined to be the fault of the customer and not a consequence of the customer’s actions.

9. Authorized Service Center: person or company authorized by the manufacturer or a seller to receive, inspect, repair or replace defective products.

10. Warranty Period: period from delivery, in accordance with the terms of delivery, within which this warranty is valid.

11. Original parts, pieces, accessories and components: those sold by the manufacturer or by authorized third parties, and used in accordance with their instructions.

12. Applicable law: the mandatory and contractually non-derogable warranty rules that shall apply in the territory in accordance with the terms of sale.

13. Agreement: the set of regulations set forth herein.

2. What does the warranty cover?

This warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials in your new, genuine Handy Gym product purchased through Global Traktus S.L. international website ( or an authorized reseller/distributor.

If you are not satisfied with your Handy Gym, you can request a return within 30 days (US Store) / 14 days (other countries) after delivery.

3. Who is covered by the warranty and how long does the coverage last?

This warranty covers the original purchaser only and lasts for a 2 year “Warranty Period”, starting from the date of purchase. It does not cover injury or damage to third parties using the products.

The warranty will be valid for a maximum period of 24 months “Warranty Period” from the date of purchase, depending on the malfunction or damaged parts, the following terms of validity will apply:

– Main machine body and base (without discs): 24 months.

– Portable platform: 12 months.

– Discs: 12 months.

– All other accessories and parts: 6 months (except those excluded in accordance with other paragraphs of this agreement).

If the application of the law establishes a longer mandatory term for product warranties, in case of malfunction or damaged parts, the term marked by law shall apply.

All other warranty terms and limitations stated shall apply as set forth in this agreement, except where applicable law provides for a different mandatory term.

The buyer may claim his warranty rights within the term period by contacting the seller. The buyer must explain what happened to the product, describing the malfunction or damage and sending photographs (or videos if requested by the seller) of the product, in any case following the buyer’s instructions to clarify whether there is a malfunction or damage to the product and, if so, whether such malfunction or damage is to be covered by the warranty.

4. What will Handy Gym do?

If the product received does not match the description or is defective, the seller must offer free of charge (including return costs) the option of repair, replacement or refund of the product.

If the seller finds that the defective or damaged product is not covered by the warranty, in accordance with the limitations expressed in this agreement and / or by applicable law, it will inform the buyer and suggest a quote to repair or, at its sole discretion, to replace the defective or damaged part, whose acceptance will be considered non-binding for the buyer.

If you have purchased on the website and you want to use your warranty rights, please contact the email

5. Obligations of the parties

The seller undertakes, with the exception of the cases specified in paragraph 6 below, in case of malfunction or damage of the product to replace the defective parts, or, at its sole discretion, to replace the defective or damaged product, within the warranty period.

More extensive repairs must be performed by a Handy Gym designated service center.

6. What is not covered by this warranty?

The seller’s liability does not cover consumable parts and wear parts of the product, such as cables, ropes, safety hooks, welded metal rings, rubber parts and anti-shock parts. Normal wear and tear, normal corrosion or defects in paint or other coating, discoloration, chipping or rust will also not be covered.

In addition, the purchaser may not claim repairs or replacement of products for malfunction or damage when the warranty period has expired or when caused by:

1. This warranty only applies to Handy Gym products.

2. Acts of the customer or third parties (not related to the seller), if they do not use the product in accordance with the instructions in the user manual.

3. The use without complying with all the safety instructions indicated by the manufacturer.

4. Injury or damage to third parties due to the use of the products.

5. The use of non-original parts, parts, accessories and components.

6. Repairs, alterations, reconditioning or restorations not performed by an authorized service center.

7. The use of the product after the detection of malfunction or damage by the customer.

8. Use of the product in ways and for purposes for which it is not designed or intended.

9. Use without normal care.

10. Abuse of the product.

11. Lack of proper maintenance as indicated by the manufacturer.

12. Exposure to variations in environmental conditions (including, for example, changes in heat, humidity, etc.).

13. Impact damage, normal wear and tear, indentations, scratches or surface damage, product deterioration or variations in color or markings that are normally expected based on ordinary use or develop over time due to natural processes such as exposure to sunlight and damage caused to products during shipment.

7. How do you get service?

To receive a copy of this warranty, or to request any warranty service, provide us with proof of your purchase. For a replacement, PROVIDE WRITTEN NOTICE OF YOUR CLAIM WITHIN THIRTY DAYS OF WHEN YOU DISCOVERED THE DEFECT to: Global Traktus S.L., calle Oporto nº 19, 36201 Vigo (Spain) or by completing the Technical Support form.

Once your product has been authenticated by a Customer Service Representative, instructions for returning the product will be sent to you. Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping items to Global Traktus S.L.. After receiving the product, a Handy Gym equipment expert will inspect the product and will contact you in a reasonable time to give you the results of the inspection.

If you have further questions about warranty and product replacement instructions, please contact us:

8. Troubleshooting

Rectification of malfunction, damage or delivery of replacement parts will be carried out within a reasonable time after the buyer notifies the seller and, if requested by the seller, after the product is available for handling by an authorized service center. Reasonable time is determined by the nature of the malfunction or damage, difficulties in determining the causes, access to replacement parts and technical capability.

If your case is not covered by this warranty, we will send it back to you. Handy Gym will not pay shipping (return) costs for products not covered by this warranty.

 9. Shipping security and fees

For repair, the buyer must take the product to a designated service center. The buyer shall, after the malfunction or damage has been remedied, pick up the product from the seller or the designated service center. The buyer may also ship the product to the seller or designated service center. Such shipments and handling, to and from an authorized service center, shall be at the purchaser’s risk. Replacement parts, for cases of damage or malfunction covered by the warranty, which the purchaser is expected to replace at the purchaser’s expense will be delivered free of charge to the purchaser.